Our Story

Leading the way, following you, co-creating the new

Paradigmo started as a consulting firm in 2017, by Sarah Rosendahl, a civil engineer, quality management and leadership expert, and a born change-maker. As a consultant you need to go where the jobs are. There is nothing wrong with this, but the purpose of Paradigmo was to contribute to the emerging paradigm shift. More than helping companies become better Oranges or more effective Greens Paradigmo wanted to help organizations become Teal. Early 2021 Sarah got a job at Centigo, which meant either putting Paradigmo Consulting in the waste basket, or transforming the company into something else, a platform for knowledge, for networks, for other sites to get to know, for courses to take and ways to engage in the paradigm shift.

Transformation happens through a million small beginnings. Small grass-root movements who are finding each other and use the power of co-creation and mutual support to grow.

The paradigm we are leaving behind is mechanistic, hierarchical and competitive, and the one we are going towards is living, sensing, cooperative and sustainable. Paradigmo’s new purpose is helping the change-makers find each other.