Leading the way, following you, co-creating the new

One of the most important factors in making transformation happen is co-creation. Collaboration, cooperation and co-creation are all describing processes where we use our collective intelligence and abilities. What makes co-creation a bit special in our eyes is of course the aspect of creation.

We believe creativity is a human need, a deep spiritual urge. Like the curiosity that brought our species all over the world from its roots in Africa, creativity is a driving force and enabler in our development of society and technology.

Creativity is problem-solving. Creativity is applying knowledge from a certain area into others. And creativity is imagining something completely new. Almost everything we take for granted now has at one point only been an idea in someone’s mind. Like Max Weber with his bureaucracy theory and Frederick Taylor with Scientific Management. Or Bell with the telephone and Edison with the light bulb.

Remembering this makes it easier to understand the vast array of possibilities we have to re-invent and re-design things like organizations, the school system, the economic and political systems, how we live and move and do our shopping etc. Everything can be re-imagined, therefore everything can be re-created.

And let’s not make the mistake to let a few men own the interpretation of the world’s need and dictate the way ahead, let’s use our collective intelligence; let’s talk, experiment, evaluate and understand together, and let’s create the new world together. The possibilities for this have never been greater, in our digital world we are (almost) all connected.

On the page Networks we will try to gather as many transformational movements and networks we can find. Find what interests you and join them!

If you are a company owner or CEO who would like to find ways to co-create a new way of being an organization, we could help you set up a plan for how to manage the co-creative transformation path. Or co-create one with you. Go to the contact-page and send us a message!