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The industrial paradigm with its mechanistic, analytical and hierarchical views is no longer well suited for the world we live in. We need to start thinking, acting and behaving differently. Sustainability is not just a fancy word and climate change is real. Fear, hatred and nationalism is on the rise since a lot of people have a hard time making sense of this new fast-changing, complex, challenged, global world. The main driver of this transformation is technological advancements, mainly the internet and the digitalization now, and artificial intelligence in the near future. The 4th industrial revolution is here.

It is up to us to make it a positive transformation. We need to change. We need to leave Kegans s.c. socialized mind and develop as human beings, learning to see beyond culture and color, gender and age. And we need to leave hierarchical organizations and all use our collective abilities to co-create the solutions the world needs. And we need to transform society itself, making it fully sustainable, for everyone. This page is for you who are interested in exploring the emerging changes, through reading, networking and maybe through our transformational coaching services.